Dragnet News

International Drag Strip Finder

A new addition to the website is our International Drag Strip Finder.
There are other drag strip locaters on the web covering the U.S., but
because Dragnet has members all over the world, we have created a locater
covering as many countries as we could find information about.  We currently
have information on 465 drag strips worldwide!  If you know of a drag strip,
address or phone number that we have missed, be sure to let us know!

Dragnet url change

You may or may not have noticed over the years that the url (the web address)
for Dragnet looked kind of odd, because the address contained a ":8888" in
it.  We've finally gotten rid of that, to make things simpler for people to
remember.  You may wish to update your bookmarks with the new address for


Accordingly, the main address for xsrpms.com has changed as well: