Dragnet Review - Koul Tool braided line assembly tool

By Tom Pinard

Anyone who has ever set up braided stainless hose with AN fittings knows what
a pain it is:  No matter what cutting device you use, there are always some
frayed ends.  Your finger gets poked by the tiny pieces of metal as you are
trying to push those frayed ends into the fitting.  The smaller the hose size,
the harder it is to get it into the fitting.  Lastly, the entire process takes
way too much time, especially when you have to plumb an entire fuel system.

A few months ago, I saw a blurb in the new products section of PRI magazine.
A company called Koul Tools has come out with a device that is supposed to
make the hose assembly process much easier.  I checked out their website and
followed the link to their instruction page, which includes an example video.

The tool is actually two halves of a composite shell.  Supposedly, all one must
do is put the AN socket into the shell, lubricate the opening, place the hose
end in the opening, and begin twisting and pushing on the hose until it slides
into place in the socket.

The video certainly portrayed the process as being simple, so I decided this
tool was perfect for a Dragnet product test.  If it performed as promised, it
would save a lot of racers and builders both time and stress.

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