Bill Lessenberry - 1976 Nova - Saab Story

This is my 1976 Nova. It has a 1970 Nova front clip. The car has been backhalved
and has ladder bars and Strange coilovers hung on a 9-inch rear with 4.56 gears.
It's propelled by a 433 inch big block Chevy that's fed methanol through a Rupert's
modified HP 950 carb. It has a Brodix intake and heads, J&E pistons, Summit
steel rods, and Hooker Super Comp headers. Power is fed to a Neal Chance converter,
then to a JW Ultra Bell & Case equipped powerglide with a TCI brake. Out back
is a set of Hoosier 14.5x32 slicks mounted on Centerline 14x15 wheels.

The car has run a best of 6.239 @ 111.55mph in the 1/8 mile and 8.064 @ 125.67mph at 1000 feet.
I hope to get to Memphis this year and run it down the 1/4 mile.