John Spradlin's Homemade Cooling Tower (Part One)

I used a Honda radiator mounted on a convertible hand truck (it converts into a
flat 4-wheeler). I used a waterpump from a motorhome sink, two switches, 1/2 inch
hose and quick disconnect couplings (from a hose shop). I run it off of a small
(800 watt) generator, but I am thinking about using a 12 volt battery and recharging
it as necessary.

Here are the hose connections. The lower one is hard to see here as I tried to
get both in one shot. It is connected to the block drains on both sides.
NOTE: Since these photos were taken I have switched to
half inch heater hose, as the clear plastic hose did not hold up to the heat and pressure.

Here is a shot of the electrics. Dead simple. One switch controls the fans, the
other controls the pump. A 12 volt hot pole and a ground pole. I wired up
disconnects to allow me to change where the voltage comes from. As you can see,
a battery charger can also be used. Lots of options...

I took this just for fun, but I also included a quick-disconnect connection.
I like Predators!
If you use two male quick-disconnects and a short hose, you can recirculate the
warm water with the fans pulling air through the radiator while the car is running
so that when you get back, it's ready to cool again.

On to part two - Powering the Pump Unit