Dragnet Review: Jiffy-Tite Quick Connect Fluid Fittings

By Tom Pinard

Are you annoyed by fuel spilling all over your intake manifold every time you
disconnect the fuel line from your carburetor?  How about when you remove the
fuel line from your fuel cell or fuel filter?  Have you ever been in a mad
rush to pull your transmission for repairs on a late Saturday night, and found
yourself cursing at the crow's foot and 2 foot extension needed to remove the
cooler lines from the transmission case?

There is a new product from Jiffy-Tite that claims to alleviate these problems.
They have an entire series of fluid quick-connect fittings, ranging in size
from -3 to -16 AN, and 1/8" to 3/4" NPT.  These fittings look and work similar
to the quick connect fittings that you use with your air tools, but they are
made for use with fluids, and are supposed to seal when disconnected from each
other.  The male portion of the quick-disconnect pair is called a plug, and the
female portion is called a socket.

I recently had an opportunity to replace the transmission cooler lines on one
of my cars, and decided to replace the hard lines with braided stainless steel
lines, and give the Jiffy Tite fittings a try.  I also decided to replace a
troublesome fuel line fitting on my carburetor at the same time.  

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